Everything You Should Know About Hornbill Festival

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Everything You Should Know About Hornbill Festival



Hola Peeps! You know what? It's already the end of the year and everything is set for a new dawn. A few of you are still wondering what to do, where to go? Fret not! With the Carnival, bells will soon start ringing in the Nagaland, allow your travel heart pound faster and renew your faith to the largest celebrated Nagas Festival - Hornbill Festival. The king of Nagaland competition - Hornbill Festival is ranked amongst the fastest growing festivals of India and is a tourist haven. A paradise for photographers, newshounds and explorers from everywhere in the international individuals who desire to get away their normal existence and experience a wonderful, loopy time filled with song and adventure. Hornbill Festival has a completely unique network like bond this is rare to find these days in most of the music fairs. especially, if you get to be a part of their celebration of the festival, you may see how local people of several villages have a good time at this festival with a lot of pomp and vigour consisting of conventional tribal performances, archery and sporting demonstrations, neighbourhood crafts, games, religious ceremonies, and meals festivals.


Join In The Hornbill Festival - Nagaland|

On any other day, the villagers go and choose to spend their routine life that revolves around fishing, eating, and earning the livelihood but during Hornbill Festival, the spirit of Hornbill Festival comes alive and the local leave no stone unturned to have a great time. Hornbill Festival is one such festival of India which is celebrated every year with much enthusiasm. What we like about this festival is that it is named after the Hornbill Bird. Here is everything you should know about Hornbill Festival Nagaland.



What is Hornbill Festival All About?


Culture makes up for a large part of any place you’re visiting. This you'll realize when you'll make your way to the Nagaland Hornbill Festival. The Hornbill Festival has an interesting story and can be traced back to the starting year of 2000. Conceptualized by the Government of Nagaland to bring the 16 Naga tribe under one roof. The top-rated festival of Nagaland - Hornbill Festival is celebrated on 1 December - 10 December every year. The 10 days celebration is marked by unrestrained fun and frolic with lavish foods and martial traditions with fast-paced dance and where people flaunt their skills with the sword. With the increasing demand travelling and exploring something offbeat yet admirable, today, Hornbill Festival of Nagaland has become more of a cultural festival where thousands of tourists from India and abroad choose to see the charm of this festival irrespective of your religion.



People gather at the most popular Kisama Heritage which is located a leisurely drive of 12 km outside of the Capital State Kohima where the place is adorned with traditional decorations all around to collectively celebrate the Naga cultural heritage.


What's The Date?


Hornbill Festival will be celebrated on 1 and 10 of December every year  . The 10 days celebration will be marked by unrestrained fun and frolic with lavish foods, and martial traditions with fast-paced dance and where people flaunt their skills with the sword.


Why You Should Attend the Hornbill Festival?


  1. Catch The Glimpse Of Local Naga Culture


The colourful, amusing and frolic, merrymaking and all-around revelry traits, Hornbill Festival is widely known to gas the cultural richness of sixteen Naga tribe. Hornbill Festival has an atmosphere this is a striking spectrum of vibrant colouration stand out at some stage in the Carnival as performers of locals and Nagaland tribes come together with dancing and music filling within the air. The fusion of lifestyle and amusing will hold you enthralled for hours on giving up. Vacationers come from everywhere in the world the be a part of the vibrancy and enthusiasm that prevails around this carnival.


2. Naga Tribes And Their Frolic Dances


From riot of colours, fortune tellers, diverse rituals to assorted practices, and a surprisingly similar way of life, the tribal dances are filled with cultural rhythm. The carnival celebrates the Naga way of life, which is unique and extravagant for travellers.


3. The Art Displays


Ladies and gentlemen, lend us your ears! Because Hornbill festival will definitely satisfy your trust if you are an art lover. From wood carvings to the sculpture displays, you can adore gazing at the contemporary artwork and marvelling at minute details and brilliant brushstrokes. Hornbill Festival wings together all the rituals, customs of the Naga Tribe in the spotlights. If you’re an art lover, you should've come on by for a fresh take on art because this event is for all art enthusiasts and collectors of all kinds to come and enjoy art in all its glory!


3. Lip-Smacking Food


All you gastronomes, listen up! If you're craving for lip-smacking food, then you should call out loud for Hornbill Festival packages on our platform to indulge in Hornbill Festival conventional food styles and get a taste of rich history with the core ingredients such as meat, fish and traditional spices. Our pro tip to you is don’t forget to capture this place for your Insta feeds, advisably on Boomerang effect (wink, wink)!


4. Extravagant Night Markets For Shopping Hopping


Longing to go on a shopping spree? The City of Kohima is the place to be. Thanks to the mesmerizing Hornbill Festival that gives a chance to bring the visitors and the Naga tribes closer with the collection on display including hand painted accessories, quirky homeware. You just have to try pork fat eating contest, chilli eating contest among other crazy games.


Anything Else?


The lodge and taxi costs are very excessive at some point of the Hornbill Festival. Select them wisely. We suggest you book our Hornbill Festival packages including tickets, accommodations, and an experienced tour guide at in your shoestring finance.


Being one of the most attended and top traveller points of interest in Nagaland, The Hornbill Festival attracts plenty of tourists out from different parts of the arena. We advise you to make sure all of your bookings and reservations are finished and confirmed earlier with a purpose to keep away from the closing minute problem and inconveniences. Book with our Hornbill Festival packages to get the best-assured deals.


So, there you have it! A bit of history, some information on getting involved, and some preparation to help you loosen up your waistline. This is all about Hornbill Carnival , While the town gears up to present all that it holds, it’s time for you to get emerged in the festival too.


Make sure you plan a trip to Nagaland this December to enjoy the thrilling Hornbill Festival.


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