Hotel accommodation in Sundarban-Where to Stay in Sundarban

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Hotel accommodation in Sundarban-Where to Stay in Sundarban

Travelling in Sundarbans is mainly by the service of boats. Because Sundarbans is divided in several small islands where most of them are inhabitant. But there are places where people stay and in these places hotels and resorts has raised. By these resorts has really made it easy to explore the Sundarbans.

Pakhiralay Island


This island is the most famous among all the other islands and quite a number of hotels and resorts has been upraised here. If you spend a night here that the next morning you can have a boat ride.

Sajnekhali Island


It is one of the main gateway to Sundarbans. Here you can have a night stay at the resorts & can start your Sundarbans trip. The resort of West Bengal Tourism is also situated here.

Dayapur Island

Many hotels have been established in the recent past at Dayapur. Ferris are used as transportation here for explore The Sundarban Tiger Reserve.