5 Reasons To Plan Your Birthday At Kolkata Boat Cruise

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5 Reasons To Plan Your Birthday In Kolkata Ganges Cruise


In this blog post, we’re going to tell you 5 Reasons To Plan Your Birthday At Kolkata Boat Cruise…..


birthday cruise on ganges


Be it sunny spring afternoons, early mornings or even balmy evenings, adventurous junkies like you and us always crave for something unique, something out of the box on your birthday holidays! But, how many times you literally took the road less traveled and prowl for something unique on your birthday? This year, instead of just a one-day celebration on land, why not spend an entire cruise celebrating you? where you can dance to your favorite beats and enjoy life on the waves that can surely turn your special day into a meaningful event. Where to Go? Is our task to tell.. Keep reading to find out.


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Located along the bank of river Ganga is the vibrant city - Kolkata, which is the face of West Bengal. Apart from the reason that Kolkata is famous for Rosogollas, MishtiDoi, trams, Howrah Bridge and Victoria Memorial, what we love about this place are its adventurous things to do on your birthday with accommodations and kickass activities to get indulge in. Here, you’ll come across the hotbeds of young backpackers for a good reason whose intention is often to party! YES! More importantly, the city is famous for its unique boat parties and the ambiance you get on your Kolkata boat party will unleash the wanderer in you. So, get ready to kick off a new decade in a cruise party where you can throw extravagant kickass birthday party from sunset to sunrise (and vice-versa!) on your own Kolkata tour packages which are a unique addition to any type of vacations in Kolkata. Check out our 5 Reasons To Plan Your Birthday In Kolkata Cruise for living it up at sea in honor of your big day.



  1. It’s Oh-So-Luxurious


Kolkata cruise party is where every person should consider going at least once in their lifetimes! I mean who doesn’t like to be treated in a royalty for a few days? No one! Planning your birthday party on the cruise gives you so much more than playing leisure games and soaking up the sun on the top deck! You can gorge on to quiet evening by the Howrah bridge and cruise along the Ganges and the boat hopping birthday celebration on the cruise will instantly reconnect you to its familiar Bengali roots. Add some fun and excitement to your birthday by tasting the wine and spend some leisurely time with your special one with a panoramic view of the Kolkata city!


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2. Go Arriving in Style


The smartest way to get attention on your birthday is without doubt arriving in style. I mean who doesn’t love the idea of getting pampered with your gangway where the waves will rock you to sleep and fresh salty air will stimulate your senses? Choose to plan and start your birthday party early and worry not about what others will think because there are many people on the cruise who are the same minded people with the idea of partying. Don’t forget to immerse yourself in the serenity of the tranquil panoramic view of Kolkata. So, embark with a kingly idea right now and have a unique birthday with your travel companion.


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birthday cruise on ganges


3. Sail At The Ganges With Your Special One And Indulge Your Tooth With A Romantic Dinner


Imagine cruising through the great open view with the salty sea air in your air and experiencing fine romantic dining with your spouse that too with your favorite music playing in the background. Sounds exciting? Well, boat parties in Kolkata do it well where you can order what you want and enjoy every bite of your favorite cuisine with your gangs of a wanderer. Looking for more reasons to celebrate your birthday on the cruise? Well, you can even have a celebratory dinner champagne and chocolates, both of which are available in birthday cruise packages.


birthday cruise on ganges



4. Sail At The Ganges With Endless Entertainment And Understand The Locales


From music shows and comedy shows to romantic dinner and various other things to do and so much more, you ‘ll be thoroughly entertained on your Kolkata boat party. It is expected that you’ll be wowed by the amazing hospitality of the Bengali people and you would be happy to make new friends on your boat hopping tour.


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5. Make Memories With Your Gangs Of Wanderer


Which is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of your birthday? Without a doubt, Friends! And why not? It’s our friends with whom we can enjoy our birthday to the fullest. Thankfully, Kolkata boat party has been riding on travelers radar as one of the most oh-so-amazing place for planning birthday/bachelorette parties. From a wide variety of scrumptious food to laid-back party ambiance, you and your friends can choose when you want to party as the Kolkata boat tour offers the option of daytime, evening and night-time cruises. So take the road less traveled for a unique birthday party celebration. Because Kolkata boat party is totally equipped to make your bash all that you want it to be!




What Could Be Better?


We’ve done all the work for you and picked out fun, romantic and surprising reasons to plan birthday cruise party in Kolkata. Now if you feel like Kolkata cruise party might be your next vacation spot, then begin planning your Kolkata cruise party through calling one of our Concierge professionals. With our custom designed  cruise packages, you’ll get the chance to tour like a local, gazing the stars, this experience will provide you with a check to test off all of those from your bucket listing. So what are you waiting for? Buckle up your shoes, pack your bags to explore and get set to add a lifetime memory to your travelogue!


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