Planning a Sundarbans Trip? Here is all the Help you Need

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Planning a Sundarbans Trip? Here is all the Help you Need



If you are planning a vacation to West Bengal in India, or a trip to Bangladesh, you must put a Sundarbans trip on your itinerary. The people of West Bengal, especially those from Kolkata love visiting the Sundarbans. Some of them plan multiple Sundarbans vacations throughout their life. Check out what is so special about this place.


Why Go There?


The Sundarbans is home to the world’s largest coastal mangrove forest. It spreads over 10,000 square kilometers. Although, only about 40% of that is in India. The rest of it comes under Bangladesh.


The name Sundarbans literally translates to “the beautiful forest”. It is a fitting name for this UNESCO World Heritage site. The flora, fauna, hopes to witness the Royal Bengal tiger in the wild, these are only some of the reasons people want to visit the Sundarbans.


How To Go There?


We will look into some details about the beautiful places to visit in Sundarbans. But first things first. How to get there?


The Sundarbans are only a little over 100 km from Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal, and a city with very convenient, frequent, and cheap transport. You can take your car or hire one from Kolkata and take it all the way to the Sundarbans.


If you’d rather sit back and enjoy the view instead of having to take turns driving all the way, take the train. A train to Canning from Sealdah Station is what you are looking for. It will take you less than an hour and a half to reach Canning from Sealdah. Take an early morning train, latest around eight o’clock, to avoid the office hour rush. You will find various modes of public transport to Godkhali from Canning station. Hire an auto rickshaw and reach the houseboats at the Godkhali port.


A part of your journey will be by waterways, which is another reason to not take your own car, though it isn’t usually risky.


When To Visit?


This is another important question. If you want to catch most of the animals in the wildlife sanctuaries, late spring and summer are the best time. But it will be crazy hot. But you can go in the months of April and May if spotting the animals is your priority, which is very obvious.

If you want a better climate situation, go after October or anytime before March. Winters are most pleasant in the Sundarbans.


The season you must avoid is the monsoon. Avoid planning a Sundarbans trip between June and August, the peak monsoon season. In fact, parts of the forests are made unavailable to tourists because June to October is the peak mating season for the animals.


Places To Visit:


Take at least two weeks to explore the Sundarbans thoroughly. But if you do not have that much time on your hands, here are some places you must put on your priority list.




The Sajnekhali Watch Tower isn’t in the best shape itself, but the view from it is amazing. At a short distance from the Watchtower, there is a crocodile park, a temple, and a museum.


2. Netidhopani




This is a core area, so you need to follow all the rules and listen to your guide. You get your permit to visit this Watchtower from the Sajnekhali Forest Department. This is also your best chance to spot the Royal Bengal tiger from the closest safe distance possible.

3. Dobanki




This is a watchtower that is more of a 500-meter canopy walk at a height of 20 feet from the ground. With high net grilles, you are safe from the majestic beast you are hoping to find. You also get to see deer and the kite. Thanks to the sweet water pond nearby, you are likely to spot the Royal Bengal tiger and a lot of deer.Pirkhali and the Sudhanyakhali watch tower are other worth mentioning tourist spots in Sundarbans. Do not miss these sites on your first or next Sundarbans trip.


Anything Else?


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