South Park Street Cemetery-Untold Story Of Kolkata

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How would it feel if while walking along in the busy streets of Kolkata we suddenly found a time machine and it could take us 300 years back?


It is not sure whether we will find a time machine but going 300 years back seems like a possible option. Even if it sounds strange such place exists in Kolkata.

Those people who take an interest on ancient Kolkata might have guessed the place. Well you have guessed it right, the place is none other than South Park Street Cemetery. If we enter from Mallick Bazar it will take us 40 steps to reach the gate of South Park Street Cemetery. And if you go inside then you will immediately go 300 years back when Kolkata was ruled by the British.


Kolkata had just taken born then.  British folks were coming here in huge number but the tropical whether and intensive sea travelling did not suit many and numerous of them were losing their lives.And Malaria and Cholera also were added to this list. That is why many of them were not able to return home and their address would forever be in the fort’s grave which is now known as the Park Street Cemetery.

Along with Vivian Derozio many other famous people are buried here. Among them so noteworthy names is the founder of Botanical garden Robert Kyd, Sir Charles Stuart and the son of famous writer Charles Dickens's son Walter Landor Dickens.and many more.

If you wish to see some history while standing in the grounds of the past then Park Street Cemetery is just the right place for you.


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