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Bengali New Year Celebration on River Ganges

New Bengali New Year Celebration on River Ganges

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Bengali New Year Celebration on River Ganges

Bengali New Year or Poila boisakh is one of the most important festival of Bongs. Celebration is incomplete without cultural programme & Bengalis food.

Bengal has its own food delicacy from Padma  to Ganga .

Which one is Great . Dhaka or Kolkata?

 Mohanbagan? Or  East Bengal ?

This argument continues but we taste and enjoy both the cuisine in our River Cruise .

So lets enjoy Poila Boisakh evening  with Baul Song , Delicate Sarbat , mouth watering snacks  and Bengals food in our River Cruise

Menu Sample-

Ampanna Sarbat



Mochar Chop

Mini Fish BatterFry

Mohanbagan Special.

Moghlai Paratha

Shayambazarer  Mutton Kasha

Sada Bhat

Muger Dal

Goina Bari Bhaja

Papad er Tarkari

Rui Posto

EastBengal Special

Sim Bharta

Loita Macher Bharta

Kachupata Diye Chingril

Murgh Polau

Chitol  Macher  Muithya


Tipsy Pudding