List of Bonedi Barir Durga Puja that you must visit

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List Of Bonedi Barir Durga Puja That you Must Visit on Durga Puja



bonedi barir puja



Durga Puja of the Zaminder family is one of the must see event in Kolkata, where you can watch the rituals of puja. Kolkata has 300 years past history, where Zaminders  were played an important role. At the British age  they They enriched Kolkata with their culture, education & heritage. Below the list of some Heritage families  who celebrate their  ancestral puja till date.



sabarna roychowdhury puja




Saborno  Roychowdhury Family Atchalar Durga Puja


This is the oldest Durga Puja in Kolkata. This Durga Puja was started at 1610 in first time at Barisha.Started by Laxmikanta Majumdar in their atchala.( eight famous piller its called Atchala).   Saborno Roychowdhury family’s Durga Puja probably was the  first Bonedi Bari Durga Puja in Kolkata.




Sovabazar Rajbari Durga Puja


Started by Raja Nabakrishna Deb at 1757, is one of the eminent Durga puja in Kolkata.Lord Clive ,Warren Hastings were invited in this puja.


thanthania dutta bari


Thonthonia Dutta Family Puja


This Puja was started at 1855 by Dwarik Nath Duttathe founder of Dutta family in Thonthonia.Dwariknath started his career as a clerk of Jardin & Skiner .But after few days he started his own business and make a huge profit and build his own zamindari and this house at Thonthonia.This is one of the famous puja in Kolkata.


hathkhola dutta bari


Hutkhola Dutta Family  Puja


Hathkhola Duttas are one of the oldest family in Kolkata.Jagatram Dutta is a founder of this family.This is one of the oldest heritage puja in Kolkata.




Khelath Chandra  Ghosh Family Puja


One of the glorious Durga puja ,.situeted in Pathuriaghata Street in Central Kolkata.This puja was started by Khelat Ch Ghosh founder of the Ghosh family in Pathuriaghata.




Latubabu Chatubabu’s Family Puja


One of the famous Bonedi family in Kolkata.This puja was started by Ramdulal Dey one of the famous businessman in Kolkata on British raj.

Latubabu & Chatubabu was the sons of Ramdulal Dey.



rani rashmoni-puja parikrama



 Rani Rashmoni Barir Puja


This puja was started by Pritiram Das the father in law of Rani Rasmoni.Now the puja was divided into three part by the successor of Rani Rasmoni.



bhawanipur mullick bari


          Bhawanipurer Mullick Bari


One of the famous Bonedi family in South Kolkata.Famous Actor Ranjit Mukkick and actress Koel Mullick is belongs to this family.




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