Tourist Places in Meghalaya

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Meghalaya is a state which is occupying the northeastern part of  India. This state is made out of curving out two districts from Assam. (The United Khasi hills, Jaintia hills and the Garo hills on 12 Jan, 1972) The name ‘Meghalaya' means ‘abode of clouds' or the ‘dwelling place of clouds’ in Sanskrit, it is truly  a breathing incarnation of its name, dense forests, charming waterfalls  and  alluring Cascades, misty hills, sparkling rivers and lakes  dreamy valleys and numerous enchanting places to visit .





Speaking of places in Meghalaya the most renowned tourist place in there is Dawki. This place really do not need an introduction as it is the most picture worthy places  on earth, the fresh and translucent olive – greenish water of the rivers are absolute bliss for someone who loves nature or searching for peace and calmness for sometime. This place is wedged between India and Bangladesh. Great time to visit Dawki is in November. Next is the wettest palce on earth.






 Recorded highest rainfall throughout the year. Cherrapunji has loads to show,  numerous and enchanting waterfalls and cascades . Dain-Thlen, kynrem, Nohkalikai  are the famous waterfalls of Meghalaya, this place encompasses some of the most scenic waterfalls in Meghalaya. This place has plethora of attraction. Living-root bridges, Mawsmai caves, seven sisters falls, eco-park, garden of caves, double decker Living root bridges Wakaba falls, an absolute pleasure to visit all of these places. As Cherrapunji is situated in a forest it does not have so called five star luxury but there are resorts in Meghalaya. Saimika, polo, Jiva, cherrapunjee are some of the hotel in between the nature where you can enjoy the secnic beauty with your family and friends.







Now, the Scotland of East, shillong, most renowned tourist place all over Meghalaya moreover in India. Far away from the constant din and bustle of the city the place is full of secnic beauties and charming and pleasant climate. Except these shillong has some alluring tourist spot to visit.Shillong peak, Lady Hydari Park, Elephant falls, wards, lake and Don Bosco Museum. Each spot has its own glory and beauty to give one eternal peace and happiness. Shillong is also contemplated as the gateway to Meghalaya as the main airport of Meghalaya is in shillong.By Visiting there you will get to know about the local tribes , namely, bhowal, khyrim, maharam and many more. Their lifestyle, dressing-accessorising, moreover their way of life would surely influence your too. You can stay in available hotels, some of them are, pinewood, Tripura castle, hotel polo towers shillong etc. Best time to visit shillongis in between September-May.






Now the time has arrived to ask you people, have you ever searched for the cleanest village in the world? Well if not then visit Mawlynnong village, cleanest village in Asia. In Meghalaya this place is not a stay in place but to go through it for half of the day, but wait ! Let me assure you that mawlynnong village will fill your heart with her internal beauties. Root bridges, clean environment, waterfalls also there are bamboo houses Where one can rest and the the exotic beauty of nature. Now I am at the end of this Little yet mesmerizing trip of ours.





Last but not the least exotic location to visit in Meghalaya is Mawsynram which is the rainiest landscapeall over Meghalaya.Mawsynram is filled with lush green hills, fresh waterfalls, misty weather, low flying clouds . Mawsynram experience rainfall over 11.872 millimetres of rain throughout the year. This is is an absolute pleasure for rain-people.

Moreover Meghalaya has much too show this is a tiny portion that I shown to you guys through this piece of writing. Meghalaya is a perfect place for creative,nature loving people and also for people who love travelling places full of luxuriant Beauties of nature.


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