Top 8 Places to See in Purulia

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Top 8 sightseen places in Purulia.

Lal Matir Desh – PURULIA. Carries its charm all her way and has got a great popularity for her rural beauty. Now it has became an exciting and happening tourist place near Kolkata. And if you are tired of your urban life, then Purulia tour package could be your next destination. But here Purulia will not stop fascinating you until you once visit her. Purulia is not only famous for her natural beauty, but also for her art & culture. It will reborn you and you will again be lively to get back to your work.


  1. Ayodha Pahar, Purulia

Ayodha Pahar deservs special mention before starting Purulia tour. It’s historical background, mythological story and the its immense tribal culture made it the one of the most attractive place in Purulia. Waterfalls, lakes & forest enrich its natural beauty. On the way the red carpet soil welcome you to spend a couple of day in Ayodha Pahar. If you want to stay here, then confirm your booking hotel in Ayodhya Pahar.

  1. Charidha Village

The cultural center of Purulia can be called Charidha village. It is popular for its mask making for Chou dance. It is the only place where mask of Chau dance is available. Other accessories of Chou dance also available here. 100 of families live in this village. It is said that, Charidha is the source of Chou dance. The village gets order for the mask from nearly the whole india. The mainstay of the people here is mask making.

  1. Khiarebera Dam

Khiarebera lake is situated in Purulia. It is 67 km away from Purulia. The scenic beauty attracts the tourists most. For irrigation purpose this dam was made. Green forest surrounds the clean blue water of the lake. Khairebera will definitely fit itself into the list of places that you shoud visit in Purulia.

  1. Bamni Falls

You can’t deny Bamni falls from your Purulia itinerary. The Bramhni river falls from great height by the hill. To reach the foremost point of the waterfall you have to at least desend a hundred steps but your pain will soon turn to a delightful grin as soon as you will see the natural beauty that surrounds you.

  1. Sita kund

Sita kund is a holy place in Purulia. As per Hindu mythology, it is known that Sree Rama had once came here during his exile. It is heard that Sita Devi was thirsty while they were walking. There was no water. So Sree Rama threw his arrow over the land and water started coming over the land forming a fountain. Still now, the tribal drink sips of water from Sita kund and join their haunting festival every year.

  1. Baranti

Baranti occupies a little space in the heart of Purulia. Two hills – Baranti & Murandi stands behind the clear gleaming lake. You would really regret if you miss the view of sunset from here, which will definitely be a lifetime experience. Baranti can be an ideal place for bird lovers. Overall Baranti will give you a warm welcome & you can at least enjoy the place for two or three days.

  1. Jay Chandi Pahar

After the name of Goddess Chandi this hill was named Jay Chandi Pahar. At the summit of this hill there is a small temple. There is approximately 400 steps to reach the temple. This hill is popular for rock climbing. The famous director Satajit Ray shot here his hit Bengali flim ‘Hirak Rajar Deshe’.


  1. Garhpanchkot

Greenery will capture you & you will never forget the colour for your lifetime and you will want to stay here forever. Yes! This is Garh Panchkot. Here a fort (Bengali meaning garh) is present surrounded by ruins small temples. Among them the Panchratna temple is  a special one. Most probably from this fort & temple the place is named Garh Panchkot.


  1. These places must be included in your Purulia tour itinerary.