Places to Visit in Kohima, Nagaland

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Tourist Attractions in Kohima, Nagaland

Nagaland tourist attraction



Blessed with mesmerizing natural beauty, Nagaland as a whole, can be called a tourist hotspot; yet, several exceptionally dazzling places have been spotted and developed by the government to promote tourism in Nagaland. Since this exotic state is still developing in terms of infrastructure, the light of tourism has not reached in many places making them even more exciting and fascinating to explorer


Kohima district, the capital of Nagaland, consists of many villages where tourists can lodge. All these villages are managed by village communities under the state's Village Tourism Board. Kohima is now a tapestry of all Naga tribes because of its administrative status but earlier it was an Angami Naga homeland.

During the Second World War, a bloody but victorious war was fought against the Japanese, by the allied forces in Kohima. A picturesque war cemetery, in the heart of the city, is situated to pay tribute to the British and Indian soldiers.



The Mary Help of Christians Cathedral is present in Aradura Hill in Kohima. It’s jaw dropping architecture makes it an important landmarks of Kohima. The 16 feet tall carved wood crucifix is one of Asia's largest crosses.





Dzukou is the quiet and shy  known (but no less beautiful and bio-diverse) valley of flowers in India which comes next to the popular Nandan Kanan in Uttarakhand at an altitude of 2438.4m. Flora, herbs and shrubs holds the vibrancy of this valley. Dzukou also offers one of the best trekking circuits in the country.




Jotsoma Conserved Forest Area is a vast land of vibrant forest with rich bio-resources providing precious environmental and ecological services for the people living downstream. The place is well connected by road and trekking routes through the woods.





This is a gorgeous spot suitable for sweethearts to spend quality time together and enjoy the beauty of nature while listening to birds chirp nearby. The place is located on huge solid rock with rhododendron adding more beauty to the place.




The Mt. Puliebadze is a grand scene to witness. Puliebadze is named after its iconic ancestor of Jotsoma village, Pulie. Mt. Puliebadze is of 7532 ft height . It is neighbored by greenery, hills and streams. It is said to be one of the best places to watch the DC Bungalow, Tennis Court, Summer House Hill, Kuki Picquet, FSD Ridge, DIS Spur, Jail Hill, Pimple Hill, Congress Hill and also the state capital, Kohima. Pulie Badze Wildlife Sanctuary, which is known for its vast variety of birds like Tragopan Blythii and white- naped Yuhina, is situated in Jotsoma villagae just a few kilometers away from Kohima.  It covers  9.23 of land. This Sanctuary is rich in fauna and contains many medicinal plants and several varieties of bamboo. Pulie Badze is a most referred place for sightseeing. Before the start of the trekking path, there is a spot with a rest house where for the tourists to enjoy themselves. The view of the Japfu range from here is simply amazing. This place highly recommended for those people who have the words ‘short get-away from Kohima’ in their head.





Located 20 km west of Kohima, in west Angami country, Khonoma was a vanguard Village of the Angami Nagas — a tribe known for its fierce resistance against British dominance during colonial period. Khonoma houses nature's pristine beauty in the form of its alder trees, terraces carved out of its hilly slopes and the Khonoma Nature Conservation Tragopan Sanctuary (KNCTS).KNCTS conserves a large and rare variety of Darns and animals within its 25 sq km area.





Dzuleke is a breathtaking village to visit situated quite close to Kohima, but is still  untouched by the hands of modern civilization. Dzuleke, consisting a small population of Angamis offers the visitors a feel of rural life in Nagaland. The place is wrapped with quaint houses, wonderfully laid out stone walkways and surrounded by forests and rice fields, provides a great opportunity to experience village life and also enjoy nature at its best. It brings forth the opportunity to observe firsthand Angami culture. One can watch the locals make bamboo and cane baskets and play traditional games and also taste local cuisine with them. The semi evergreen forests offer a way to watch birds and butterflies, nature walks and trekking.




Situated just 41 km away from Kohima, the Tuophema Tourist Village, is modeled around ethnic tourism and tourists are provided with modern and hygienic accommodations in the traditional huts. Here everything is served that one could wish for with a complementary experience of fine local culture.




It is the second highest peak of Nagaland. Set only 15 km south of Kohima, Japfu offers a challenging yet beautiful climb for the visitors. One of the main attractions here is that the tallest Rhododendron tree of the world (over 109ft) is located here.


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