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Calcutta Food Trail

Calcutta Food Trail

                                                                                                                        Food Trail

Calcutta is a food junction. Calcutta is a place of food lovers. Here, you can enrich your taste buds with different types of food. People from the different part of the world like Muslim, Englishman, Spanish, Portages, Gews, Armenian, Chinese are came here and accumulate their culture & food with bongs. You see the mixed food culture in Calcutta. You get authentic Continental ‘Chicken struw & bread’,authentic  Chinese ‘Noodles & fried rice’, Tibetan ‘Momo’, ‘Chichen patty & pan cake’ from Jews and also get ‘Awadhi Biriyani’ cooked as a style of bongs.

So in Calcutta you get a remarkable gastronomical journey with us. That will rejuvenate your soul & mind.  In this walking tour you may know the myth and history behind the food of Kolkata.

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