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Firefly Camping-2020

Firefly Camping-2020

If you ask me to take you to where the light is then I might introduce you to the lighting beetles.....

Did not get me? Well then you need to catch me up from the beginning. If the civilized world is constanly making you sick by focusing LED/CFL lights straight to your retina then you may not get disappointed if we switch them all off. But darkness is not a preferable situation to be in. Well as we all know that nature never upsets mankind. Even without the tiniest hint of electricity you get yourself surrounded by millions of tiny lights around you which will sparkle your eyes and your life alike. Yes! Places like Rajmachi, Kothaligad, Prabalmachi,Bhandardara offers a marvelous experience for firefly camping.


Some Facts about Firefly

Fireflies are mainly found in places with temperate and tropical climates. They are soft bodied beetles who produce bioluminescence during twilight to attract their partners for mating. The lights produced by them have no infrared or ultraviolet frequency. During the pre-monsoon months which is from mid-May to June an outstanding experience of watching fireflies can be witnessed.

Some best firefly witnessing sights are:

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Bhandardara lakeside camping is a great spot to watch firefly    Day 1 - Meet &am..
Rs.1,850.00 Ex Tax: Rs.1,850.00
Prabalmachi firefly treak is one of the great experience of lifetime .You can see millions of glowin..
Rs.1,450.00 Ex Tax: Rs.1,450.00