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Weekend Destinations


Weekend gateway near kolkata


Don’t you feel stressed up from the day to day life? Well, we are always here to give you a chance to refresh your memories & to throw away the sweat of tension from yourself in this weekend. So there is a lot of Weekend destination from where you can collect fresh memories in your sack. For  short weekend destinations from Kolkata  you can never deny are Sikkim, North Bengal, South Bengal, Orissa, Jharkhand . You can choose any of this states best tourist spot which will near Kolkata and its   help you to reduce your pressure at your work. We bet that it will be your best weekend gateway.

Hill Station- A Perfect Weekend Gateway

Often we fell to notice the charping of birds because of the loud noises and mumbling of thousands of people. If you want yourself to be freed from all these you should choose a lovely hilly area. So if you were wondering for such places then you should definitely utilize your weekend and should start packing your bag & do not forget your camera.

Seabeach- Romantic Holidays Near Kolkata

And if you want to come up from your blockage of overwork than you cannot deny the call of the sea. The playful waves of the sea will surely make your day. We can fit a suitable short trip for you wherever you want. We ensure you that we will suggest you a romantic sea resort or a charming water sports . So be ready for your next short trip whose memories occupy most of the places in your heart.

Wildlife- Exciting Weekend Destinations for Wildlife Lovers

Day by day global warming is affecting us. Pollution is increasing and oxygen is decreasing. We don’t want our in habitat to suffer for it. If we can get on step beyond civilization we can feel the pretty smell of soul & the sound of winds. Actually we can feel the nature and we should try to take as much oxygen as  we can.Then your next weekend   surely will be a wildlife sanctuary. You will wake up with birds tweets and enjoy your leisure day by viewing wildlife.

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