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The land of Nawabs. Murshidabad was the capital of Bengal under Mughal emperor in 1717. Aurangazeb  honoured Murshid Quli Khan as the Dewan of Bengal, Bihar & Orissa. That area was located on the banks of Bhagirathi. Murshid Quli Khan the city named Murshidabad. Siraj-Ud-Doula was the last independent Nawab of Bengal, who faced the Lord Clive of the East India company at the historical battle of Plasi in 1757.

Each & every lane of the Murshidabad attached with the history of ancient Nawabs. This tour help you to visualizethe ancient Murshidabad from their Palaces, Gardens, Masque, Cemetery with the real story of history.

And one more think..... don’t  forget  to see the famous Murshidabad silk. These is the most traditional famous silk saree of the Bengal forever. The most interesting part of this tour is silk trail.

How to get Murshidabad- A bunce of trains are available from Howrah/ Sealdah/Kolkata station for Murshidabad. It will take an average 5 hours for travel to Murshidabad from Kolkata. You can reach by road also.

Where to stay- For Murshidabad hotel booking please call 9874387134

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