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bonedi barir puja parikrama

20 Iconic Bonedi Barir Durga Puja In Kolkata

bonedi barir puja parikrama
BOnedi Barir Puja in Kolkata

With Durga Puja, comes tasty food, pandal hopping, and series of white “Kashful” dancing in the splendid breeze. It is a picturesque scene, undoubtedly. However, along with the themed pandals, the age-old Pujas of renowned families are still famous. In Kolkata, people feel special while attending these “Bonedi Barir Puja”.

Here, we will describe the rituals and stories of 20 such Bonedi Barir Puja. Although the families have started the puja many years earlier, they are still prestigious. Hundreds of visitors come to watch these highly-acclaimed pujas during the biggest festival of Kolkata. Most times you can enjoy these household pujas by joining the Bonedi Barir Durga Puja Parikrama.

List of 20 Iconic Bonedi Barir Durga Puja

  1. Sova Bazar Rajbari

Sova Bazar Rajbari is one of the oldest household Durga Pujas of the North Kolkata. Be it the puja rituals or the Bhog; you will get something unique and glamorous here.

  • Who started this Durga Puja: Raja Naba Krishna Deb
  • Address: 36 and 33, Raja Nabakrishna Street. Sovabazar. Kolkata-700005
  • Starting date: 1757
  • Family history:

Raja Naba Krishna Deb started this Durga Puja with the permission for people, irrespective of religions, to enter the premises. After Battle of Plassey, he also invited Warren Hastings and Lord Clive to attend the glorious puja.

It is said that Goddess Durga used to come and listen to the melodious songs played at the “Naachghar” of the royal palace.

  • Durga puja rituals:

Although the puja rituals were almost same, the specialty of Sova Bazar Rajbari Pujo was flying Neelkantha bird at the fourth or end day of the Pujo, that is Bijaya Dashami. It was an auspicious custom followed by many renowned rulers at the previous times. However, now, it is stopped due to new rules of Wildlife Preservation Act. So, the present family members make clay models of the birds and immerse them along with Maa Durga.

  • Khelat Chandra Ghosh

This famous household durga puja of Pathuriaghata is famous for the palatial mansion, and the grand celebration at the “Thakur Dalan”. It is indeed a brilliant site to enjoy the puja in the 85 ft long marble corridor.

  • Address: 47 Pathuriaghata Street. Kolkata-700006
  • Who started this durga puja: Babu Khelat Chandra Ghosh
  • Starting date: 1846
  • Family history:

Babu Khelat Chandra Ghosh was an eminent Indian classical performer. His eclectic taste is reflected through the incredible furniture, luxurious home décor like Belgian cut-glass chandeliers, and others. He stated the auspicious puja, around 170 years ago. Today, visitors can witness the grand Khelat Ghosh Memorial Hall, which was a marvelous dancing hall at his time.

  • Durga puja rituals:

Among the common Durga Puja rituals, the prominent for this Bonedi Barir Puja is the bathing ceremony of the pious idol. On Mahasaptami, the devotees bathe the Goddess with water from “Saat Samudra Tero Nodi” (a Bengali proverbial of 7 oceans and 13 rivers). Not only this, but there will also be a bathing with juices of 12 different fruits.

As bhog, Chandana Kheer is the special offering as the dessert. It is a unique pudding with savory milk. However, the family offers only homemade sweets to the Mother Goddess.

  • Rani Rashmoni

The Durga Puja Parikrama will be incomplete without visiting the great Rani Rashmoni’s Durga Puja. It is held now at her in-laws Janbazar residence.

  • Address: 13 Rani Rashmoni Road. Kolkata-700013
  • Who started this durga puja: Babu Pritaram Marh (Das) ( father-in-law of Rani Rashmoni)
  • Starting date: 1974
  • Family history:

We all know Rani Rashmoni to be a pious woman and queen of Janbazar who founded the Kali Temple at Dakshineswar. Thakur Sri Ramakrishna Paramhamsa conducted the puja at this temple. However, the ancestral durga puja of this palace started before Rani’s marriage by her father-in-law. Today, with great spirits, the Hazra family Rashmoni continue to conduct the puja at this heritage home.

  • Durga puja rituals:

The durga puja is open to all during the four auspicious days. The square-shaped courtyard isgenuinely spacious to accommodatea lot of visitors. The idol still follows the traditional “Daaker Saaj” and Ekchala model.

  • Latu babu Chatu babu

This is one of the oldest pujas of Kolkata, held at the vibrant red colored residence of Latu babu and Chhatu babu.

  • Address: Ramdulal Nibas. 67E Beadon Street. Kolkata-700006
  • Who started this durga puja: Ishwar Ram Dulal Deb (Sarkar)
  • Starting date: 1770
  • Family history:

Ram Dulal Deb started the Durga Puja back in 1770s. He started as a common person, but soon became one of the most influential businessmen of old Kolkata. However, after him, his house became famous by the names of his sons, Latu(Pramatha) and Chhatu(Ashutosh).

  • Durga puja rituals

Goddess Durga wears the family heirlooms on the days of puja. Naulakha necklace is the most stunning ornament among them. Besides, along with her four kids, Maa comes here with her two companions, Jaya and Bijaya. They remain standing on the lotus.

Here, the food is devoid of salt. Moreover, the Goddess is served with three types of vegetable curries, and luchi (a type of Indian bread) (all fried in Ghee).

  • Bhawanipur Mallick Bari
  • Address: 25A, C, Mohini Mohan Road. Jadubabur Bazar. Kolkata-700020
  • Who started this durga puja: Radhagovinda Mallick, and later by his son Surendra Madhav Mallick
  • Starting date: 1924
  • Family history:

Radhagovinda Mallick started the puja when they stayed at Gupti para. However, later his son started the puja again after a gap, in Kolkata. It was a joint of effort of seven brothers.

  • Durga puja rituals:

Here, the puja is conducted according to Baishnava rituals. Hence, there is no animal sacrifice. The devotees take only vegetarian food during the puja. After Dashami, they take non-vegetarian items. Chandipath marks the beginning of the puja on Mahalaya. The goddess is well-decorated in the traditional Daaker Saaj.

  • Thonthonia Dutta bari
  • Address: 3 Bidhan Sarani. Kolkata-700006 (Near Thonthonia Kali Bari)
  • Who started this durga puja: Dwarakanath Dutta
  • Starting date: 1855
  • Family history

The puja is being celebrated for 156 years. It started after Dwarkanath Dutta had a dream of “Hara Gouri” form of Shiva and Durga. Hence, he started the puja, giving a different form to the Goddess. He was a great devotee of Lord Shiva.

  • Durga puja rituals

Here, Goddess Durga is not killing any demon. Instead, she is sitting in the lap of her husband, Shiva, in great pleasure. Kolkata Durga Puja Parikrama always keeps this place as a loved attraction.

  • Darji Parar Mitra bari
  • Address: 19, Nilmani Mitra Street. Kolkata-700006
  • Who started this durga puja: Radhakrishna Mitra
  • Starting date: 1809
  • Family history:

Durgacharan Mitra, a reputed businessman, was the court jeweler of Nawab Siraj-ud-daulla. Later on, Nilmoni Mitra, his nephew continued the legacy. Finally, Radhakrishna Mitra, the grandson of Nilmoni Mitra started the grand celebration of Durga Puja.

  • Durga puja rituals:

In this puja, the family members use 108 aparajita flowers, instead of lotus. The shapes of the idols’ faces are different here. Muttchouri is the name of the chala. There are also three tomb-like structures, representing Mahashakti.

  • Motilal seal
  • Address: 60, Colootola Street (Maulana Shaukat Ali Street). Kolkata-700073
  • Who started this durga puja: Baboo Motilal Seal
  • Starting date: not known
  • Family history:

Motilal Seal was the richest businessperson, maintaining the Baboo culture. He was a philanthropist and supported widow remarriage of the Hindus. This puja’s age is over 150 years. 

  • Durga puja rituals:

The family members bathe the Nabapatrika at the Seal Ghat, on the Saptami morning. The married women also perform the Dhuno Purono ritual with great grace.

  • Hut Khola Dutta Bari
  • Address: 78, Nimtala Ghat Street. Kolkata-700006
  • Who started this durga puja: Jagatram Dutta
  • Starting date: 1794
  • Family history

Jagatram Dutta left his ancestral house at Andul in 1788 for the ill-behavior of his cousin Madan Mohan Dutta. He constructed the magnificent palace at today’s Nimtala Ghat Street. He was the pioneer of Durga Puja at this place.

  • Durga puja rituals:

Here, Goddess Durga wears the saree of clay, while Kartik wears the uniform of a soldier. Rice and potato do not form part of Maa’s bhog. Moreover, they sacrifice a khirer putul (doll of condensed milk) in front of the Goddess.

  1. Biren Roy er Bari
  • Address:
  • Who started this durga puja
  • Starting date
  • Family history
  • Durga puja rituals
  1. Saborno Roy Chowdhury
  • Address: Barisha Borobari Road. Purba Barisha. Kolkata-700008
  • Who started this durga puja: Sabarna Roy Chowdhury
  • Starting date: 1717
  • Family history

Saborno Roy Chowdhury worked a general in Mughal Emperor Humayan’s army. Later he became a rich zamindar, and started the durga puja at his home, called BoroBari. Today, it is separated among 8 families.

  • Durga puja rituals

It is a historic puja where visitors come to witness the Aatchala Pratima. Moreover, several functions take place at the evenings of Navami and Dashami.

  1. Balaram dey street Ghosh bari (also known as Dutta bari pujo)
  • Address: 159, Balaram De Street. Kolkata.
  • Who started this durga puja: Shyamal Dhon Dutta
  • Starting date: 1882
  • Family history

Shyamal Dhon Dutta belonged to the famous Haatkhola Dutta Bari. The 6th descendant of the family is carrying out the puja now.

  • Durga puja rituals

Many ancient rituals form part of the Puja’s norms. The family members still carry the idols on bamboos at the time of immersion. The women also perform DhunoPurono ritual.

  1. Madan Mohan Dutta bari
  • Address: 2, Dutta Para Lane, Kolkata-700020
  • Who started this durga puja: Madan Mohan Dutta
  • Starting date: 1794
  • Family history

Madan Mohan Dutta was a religious merchant, and was the owner of Hathkhola Dutta Bari. He started puja at his ancestral home, famous as Madan Mohan Dutta Bari now. He was the descendant of Todar Mal’s favorite Gobindasharan Dutta Chaudhury.

  • Durga puja rituals

No sacrifice takes place as the puja takes place as per the Baishnava rituals.

  1. Bag bazar Halder bari
  • Address: 17/1, Kaliprasad Chakraborty Street. Kolkata-700003
  • Who started this durga puja: Prankrishna Halder
  • Starting date: 1560, later in 19th century.
  • Family history

The ancestor of Prankrishna Halder had a dream of Goddess Durga to worship her idol everyday. It was found in the house of a Muslim fisherman. However, the durga puja at the present place started after 200 years, during 19th century.

  • Durga puja rituals:

Here, the Durga idol is accompanied by two girls and two angels. Above her, is Mahakaal’s face. Goddess is in her Mahisasurmardini form.

  1. Jorasanko Daw Bari
  • Address: 12A, Shibkrishna Dawn Lane. North Kolkata.
  • Who started this durga puja: Gokul Chandra Dawn
  • Starting date: 1840
  • Family history

Gokul Chandra Dawn came to Jorasanko and started the puja. Later on, his adopted son, Shibkrishna Dutta took it over. The Thakurdalan of the traditional residence is a shooting venue now.

  • Durga puja rituals

Goddess Durga gets decked up in gold and diamond jewelries. Moreover, she also wears Emaralds brought from Europe.

  1. Laha bari
  • Address: 2A Bidhan Sarani. North Kolkata.
  • Who started this durga puja: Late Bhagabati Charan Laha
  • Starting date: More than 2 centuries old
  • Family history

It is more than 2 centuries, that Bhagabati Charan Laha started the puja.

  • Durga puja rituals

There are more than 20 kinds of sweets in the bhog. Here, the Goddess sits in the lap of Lord Shiva, and not slaying an asura.

  1. Girish Ghosher bari
  • Address: 4 Ghosh Lane. Kolkata-700006
  • Who started this durga puja: Girish Chandra Ghose
  • Starting date: 1856
  • Family history

The puja started in the ancestral home of Girish Ghose at Paranchapar village. The puja items were initially carried to the village through boat.

  • Durga puja rituals

Here, instead of Sandhi Puja, they perform Kalyani Puja during the mornings and evenings. It is because, Ghose’s mentor breathed his last during the Sandhi Puja.

  1. Nilmoni Sen bari
  • Address: 130 Baithakkhana Road.
  • Who started this durga puja: Nilmoni Sen
  • Starting date: during 19th century
  • Family history

The puja takes place at the ancestral home of Nilmoni Sen, called Nilmoni Sen Baari. He organized the puja at his residence of Jakeria Street after coming from Jessore, Bangladesh.

  • Durga puja rituals

Here, Goddess Durga depicts peace and has Abhaya mudra in her hands.

  1. Chandra barir Durga Puja
  • Who started this durga puja
  • Starting date
  • Family history
  • Durga puja rituals
  • Bhu Koilash Rajbari
  • Address: Bhukailash Rajbari. Khidderpore. Kolkata-700023
  • Who started this durga puja: Raja Jaynarayan Ghoshal
  • Starting date: 1782
  • Family history

Raja built two marvelous temples of Lord Shiva on the banks of Shiva Ganga, and later on started Durga Puja.

  • Durga puja rituals

This is the oldest and most notable pujas of Kolkata.


Durga Puja festival has a different emotion in Kolkata. It is the greatest festival of Bengalis, and has even acquired the title of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity from UNESCO. Indeed, it was one of the most prestigious moments for the Bengali Community, and of course, Kolkata.

We hope, this list will help you make a lovely plan for the Kolkata Puja Parikrama in the coming year.

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