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5 Main things you do while visiting Kolkata During Durga Puja

Durga Puja is a greatest festival in India which held every year in Autumn in all major cities  in India. But if you want to taste the real experience of Puja, then you must  visit Kolkata. Durga Puja is Bengalis main festival .Durga Puja is a week long festival started from Mahalaya and ends at Dasami Bisarjan.

If you plan to visit Kolkata during Puja day, then you definitely have to do this things .

Pandal Hooping

During Durga Puja Kolkata will became a live art Gallery. Artist & artisan shows their talent in pandal making,You can see different art form in Pandals where puja will be held.You may see Colosseum or a fort in middle of the busy road,which was temporarily made  as a  Pandal. So if you visit Kolkata during Puja a pandal hoping is must activity. But be aware about heavy rush and get ready for walking.Some Tour operators organize Pandal hooping tour during Puja. You can also try this tour.

Bonedi Families Druga Puja

Kolkata has year long heritage & colonial history.At the early age only Zamindar and Raj families organize durga puja.But now zamindar and rajas are are no more but there legacy still organize Durga Puja .Some of this Puja are 300 years old .Here you watch the old heritage of colonial Kolkata. So Bonedi Bari (Raj Families) Puja will surely on your bucket list.

This Bonedi Barir Puja Tour surely mesmerize you.


Kolkata is foodies paradise.Here you get tons of roadside stalls who prepare all types of cuisine.Street food you must try while visiting Kolkata. In Puja time you must try the Bhog, you can get it any Puja Pandal ,which will freely distributed among visitor.Here are some food like Fish fry,Moghlai Parota,Luchi Alur dam ,Macher Jhol which are Bong delicacy.

Avoid long Queu on Resturent with this Puja Tour


Shoping is an important part of Durga Puja.Every bong do there yearly shopping during this festive season.Buy a traditional Bengali Saree or dhoti Panjabi to look like a Bong.

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