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List Of South Kolkata Puja Pandals

The charm of South Kolkata Puja pandals is unparalleled. Afterall, Durga Puja is the most      celebrated festival of Kolkata, especially for the Bengalees. However, the city of joy welcomes visitors from all over the world to witness one of the most energetic festivals. It's not only worshipping Goddess Durga but grandly celebrating togetherness. So, pandal hopping is a must at this time.

When you go for Barowari Puja Pandal hopping, South Kolkata undoubtedly tops the list. Although the Bonedi Barir Pujo and North Kolkata Barowari pujas are also there, South Kolkata has a different flavour. It is the fusion of Bengalee emotions and contemporary themes. Here, we will try to point out South Kolkata's top pandals.      

Why Pandals of South Kolkata are Famous?

South Kolkata puja pandals give a different vibe altogether. They offer primarily "Theme Pujas",  incorporating a different style to the pandals and the idols.[1]  Thinking beyond the traditional Durga Puja culture, they try to depict a new story in front of the devotees.

Not only that, they also create a marvellous atmosphere. Often, the pandals are created as a replica of a building or structure. It becomes quite difficult to identify the differences between the original and the incredibly created replica. Such are the skills of the sculptors. Therefore, enjoy Durga Puja Parikrama 2024 by visiting the top South Kolkata Barwari Pujas.

Top South Kolkata Puja Pandals

Here is a      short list presenting the top 9 Puja Pandals you must pay attention to in South Kolkata.

Suruchi Sangha

This famous puja pandal is famous for focusing on some unique theme. They always do something extraordinary to impress people coming from various parts of this world. The pandal is the winner of various awards like Idol, Theme, etc. Suruchi Sangha Club also participated in various social activities during the pandemic.

Ekdalia Evergreen

This puja dates back to several years, and is one of the most talked-about puja of South Kolkata.[1]  Instead of modern themes, they prefer to present the traditional look. It focuses more on worshipping the Goddess Durga in the traditional way. Furthermore, the massive chandelier in the middle of the ceiling is the real attraction of this pandal. For most south residents, Ekdalia Evergreen Puja is an emotion.

Hindusthan Park

Hindusthan Park is a highly popular pandal, presenting innovative themes every year. Moreover, it also organises various musical events, brings celebrities, and arranges other refreshments for the      enthusiastic public. This puja has been attracting visitors since the old times of 1932. To date, it specialises in making innovative designs for the pandals. The Goddess on its Lion also gets different attires in the hands of the expert idol makers.

Jodhpur Park

The creativity of the idol sculptors is mesmerising as you step inside the Jodhpur Park puja pandal. Undoubtedly, it is a fabulous Barowari Puja Pandal, always impressive the public in multiple ways. The club also gets multiple accolades under various categories.


Mudiali Club is a prominent destination and a must-visit pandal when you are in South Kolkata. Hence, Durga Puja Parikrama 2024 will include this famous puja. Mudiali Club always believes in celebrating in a modern way while keeping the essence of Durga Puja intact. Most times, it focuses on creating environment friendly themes to spread awareness. The peaceful faces of the idols are another attraction of this puja.


This club started its holy journey in 1962. It is famous for its incredible themes, like replicas of well-known structures, etc. People get mesmerized by watching different temples or historic sites. Every year, Babubagan Clubs win many awards and become a centre of attraction for visitors.

Tridhara Sammelani

Your pandal hopping in South Kolkata will be more enjoyable as you visit Tridhara Sammelani Club's puja. It tries to keep environment-friendly themes. It also glorified the lives of the tribals in one of the years. The live performances and shows succeed in pulling a massive crowd.

Deshopriya Park

This has remained one of the most talked-about puja pandals in the recent years. The record of creating the tallest Durga idol made it famous in the whole country. It is also the centre of reunions for many enthusiastic youngsters and friends meeting after a long time. You can also enjoy the live performances and tasty street food of Kolkata.

Maddox Square

It is the heart of Durga Puja for the college and school students. Being the famous meetingpoint, Maddox Square rules the hearts of the enthusiastic public. Unlike most other South Kolkata pujas, it creates pandals in the most traditional fashion. The ambience and dhak's noise make it enchanting. It is also popular for the grand Dashami celebration.

Kolkata's Durga Puja's most attractive factor is pandal hopping. Thus, your experience will be delightful as you visit the pandals of the South,  This blog gave you the insights about the most notable pandals of South Kolkata. Let’s chalk out the pandals, and let your puja be full of fun.

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