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Why Flamingos come to Mumbai

Maharashtra has a long coast line of about 720 Kilo meters. There are different types of coast region present in Maharashtra. Among them mangrove & mudflats are most important. Along coast there are 15 rivers, 5 major creeks & 30 backwater regions are present.
Creek means a narrow piece of water where the sea flows into the land.
At the Thane creek of Mumbai Flamingo spotted during November to May every year. Thane creek is Asia’s biggest creek. It is 26 km in length with large patches of mangroves border. These Mangrove forest & Thane Creek protect the city of Mumbai, Thane & Navi Mumbai from natural calamities.
In search of food flamingos migrate from their own place. Most of Flamingos come to Mumbai from Gujrat , as well as from Africa, Iran, Iraq ,Israel & many more places.
Flamingos have a preference for environments that have fresh water and are located in estuaries. Estuaries are bodies of water that are partially enclosed and located along the coast. They are formed when fresh water from rivers and streams mixes with salt water from the ocean. Presence of creeks & inland wetlands Mumbai turns into the feeding ground of the migratory birds.
Due to presence of untreated sewage water in Thane creek of Mumbai produce a huge quantity of algae & brine shrimp, which is the favourite food of the Flamingos. For this reason a numerous number of Flamingos come to Mumbai every year.

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