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Why Flamingos are Pink in Colour

Flamingos are the most gorgeous bird due to their pink colour. But why they are pink? By naturally they born with this pink colour? No, absolutely not. After birth baby Flamingos looks white or grayish in colour. Flamingos get the pink colour from their food.

Flamingos intake beta-carotene rich food. They love to eat algae & brine shrimp. A huge quantity carotenoid pigments presents within both algae & brine shrimp.
Carotenoids are natural pigments. These pigments produce the bright yellow, red, and orange colors in plants, vegetables, and fruits. As the same way carrots are orange in color & ripe tomatoes are red.
Adult Flamingos become pinkish after consuming a large quantity of algae & brine shrimp from their wetland habitat.
Flamingos’ body metabolizes the pigments — turning their feathers pink.

There are several flamingo species, distributed across different regions worldwide. Due to the variations in their habitats and food availability throughout the year, the colors of these birds also differ. Certain flamingos exhibit darker or brighter shades of pink, while others display hues of orange, red, or even pure white.

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