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How Can You Experience The Flamingo Watching From Mumbai?

It is no doubt that Flamingo watching is a most wanted desire among the people of Mumbai & its surrounded places. But most of people have no idea about the place where they should go for Flamingo watching? The timing of bird’s arrival in Mumbai? Habits, activities & stories of their life style is the most important to know about them.

When you watch amazing colourful Flamingos in front of you & knows why they are so colourful & from where they got their gorgeous looks & many more interesting stories about their life & activities, then it will be complete enjoyment experience for you.

There are some Flamingo watching points are available in Mumbai.  Thane creek Flamingo watching sanctuary is the most important among them. This area is surrounded by mangrove forest. There are few Flamingo watching guided trip available in Navi Mumbai. You can easily book this type of trip for Flamingo watching.

  This tour included with boat safari where you can spot Flamingos. Some of them standing on one leg or some of them fly on the sky. Boat riding depends on the timing of tide.  So, the Flamingo watching tour start time are different for different days. Mainly morning or day time will be ideal for Flamingo watching.

If you want to avail this Flamingo watching tour, you can contact the number mentioned below for booking. You can call or w/app for any query 9874387134. 

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