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The Most Important Facts About Flamingos

Flamingo is one of the gorgeous birds in the world. The name Flamingo comes from the Portuguese or Spanish word flamingo that means “flame coloured”. Flamingos are famous due to their colourful appearance.

1.            Flamingos are ancient group of birds.

Scientists believe that Flamingos are found in ancient time. Scientific evidence indicates their presence. There fossil records dated back to million years ago. During the time of ancient Rome, flamingo tongues were considered a rare delicacy and were consumed by the wealthy.

Historical background & fossil evidence both are proved – their presents in ancient age.

 Prehistorical Flamingo nest with egg discovered

2.            Flamingos are not pink in color by birth.

The Flamingos are world famous for their vibrant body color. But they are not pink in color by birth. After birth baby Flamingos looks white or grayish in color. Flamingos get the pink color from their food. Adult flamingos become pinkish after consuming a large quantity of algae & brain shrimp. 

3.            Flamingos have webbed feet.

Flamingos possess the ability to wade into significantly deeper water compared to the majority of other avian species due to their long legs. Their webbed feet provide them with the necessary support to navigate through soft mud. In instances where the water surpasses their wading capacity, flamingos resort to swimming at the surface while engaging in feeding activities. The presence of webbed feet enables the flamingo to swim with ease.

4.            Flamingos sleep on just one leg.

May be stand in one leg is a signature pose of elegant Flamingos. They have the remarkable ability to maintain a one-legged stance for extended periods, sometimes even while they are asleep.

5.            The Flamingos are of six difference species.

The six different types of Flamingo found in different parts of the world. They are –

Greater Flamingo

Lesser Flamingo

Chilean Flamingo

Caribbean Flamingo

Andean Flamingo

Puna Flamingo

6.            A group of Flamingos is called Flamboyance.

Flamingos are social birds.  Always they lived in a group. From few couple in a group to ten thousands flamingos in a group are very common.

7.            Flamingos are very good dancers.

Flamingos engage in a graceful dance as part of their mating ritual. During courtship, a flamingo can execute a total of 136 unique combinations of dance moves. Both males and females of the species engage in the dance.

8.            Flamingo pair bonds are mostly monogamous.

Long lasting friendship is famous for Flamingos.  They have strong pair bonding. Some of them behave like married couple.

9.            In a clutch, Flamingos lay just one egg.

The common practice among flamingos is to lay a single large egg during the breeding season. The egg is white in color.

10.          Flamingos equally share parenting responsibilities.

Together, they construct their nest. Both parents take part in the incubation of the egg. The mother and father both produce a milky substance to feed their young.

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